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Scope of Services

  Assess client requirements
  Evaluate existing conditions; assess project resources and limitations
  Identify life safety and code requirements
  Analyze design objectives & spatial requirements
  Evaluate A.D.A. requirements

Design Development
  Develop with client:
Design philosophy                          
    Interior design concepts 
    Furniture plans                    
    Lighting plans
    Select furniture, select and detail construction elements, 
    finishes, materials, fabrics and built ins
    Design custom furniture, area rugs and light fixtures
    Design and select window treatments
    Develop art, accessory and graphics program

Documentation and Work Plan
  Document designs for client approval                
  Develop furniture and accessory budgets
  Provide specifications & schedules for surface materials, lighting, plumbing, hardware and  appliances                                  
  Identify needs and recommend consultants and/or specialists
  Develop work plan with time line and responsibilities
  Prepare bid documentation

  Purchase and furnishings
  Manage client reviews and revisions   
  Assist client in awarding contracts
  Provide owner’s agent services

Contract Administration
  Conduct on-site visits and field inspections.   
Monitor contractors
  Oversee on their clients behalf the installation of furnishings, fixtures and
  Prepare lists of deficiencies for clients' use (punch list).

  Review and evaluate the implementation of projects while in progress 
  and upon completion as representatives of and on behalf of the client.

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